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Things That Are There
Sam Hodge will be exhibiting new drawings and paintings of beach plastic at a group exhibition Things That Are There opening in Margate on Saturday 17 October 2015

A Catalogue of Misfortune
Sam Hodge is a painter and printmaker based in Hackney. In the last few years she has become fascinated with people's smashed mobile screens and the stories of how they got broken. She makes drawings of the crack patterns, transforming 21st Century technological disasters into delicate web-like prints, using 17th Century drypoint techniques.

Telegraph feature
Lucky breaks: art made from broken phones - printmaker Sam Hodge tells Lucy Davies how she turned shattered mobile phones into art

Repetition and Difference
A residency at Studio 4, Chisenhale Art Place in 2013 gave Sam Hodge the chance to make Repetition and Difference. This is a life-sized representation in etching, of a broken, triple height window in the derelict part of the old factory building at Chisenhale.

Things That Are There
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