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about the artist

Sam Hodge makes paintings and prints exploring the role of chance and accident in the material processes of creation and destruction. She lives and works in Hackney, London, UK.





Sam Hodge is an artist concerned with how things are made and how they fall apart. She makes paintings and prints exploring the role of chance and accident in these processes, but is also interested in how we respond to these chance events and try to make sense of them; making collections that give value to the selected and connections that imbue the ambiguous with meaning.

Born and bought up on the Kent coast, the creative power of water to carve shapes and patterns in the landscape has had a lasting influence on her work. Estuarine mudflats and eroded stones provide the starting point for many of her paintings and etchings, which are made using analogous processes of erosion and sedimentation to create images of emergent complexity. In some of these paintings she uses her skill at retouching to map, trace and decorate patterns made by the paint, producing works that are a disconcerting mixture of immediate accidental process and intricate craft.

She is fascinated by the conventions and appearance of scientific collections and illustrations. She collects specimens of both natural and unnatural history, combing the pavements and roads of Hackney, beaches, her house and studio, for appealing pieces of rubbish. This is done in a subjective rather than systematic way, to understand the process of selection as much as the objects themselves. The objects are then transformed, for example by pressing and etching them into a plate in a manner similar to fossilization. This metamorphosis results in images that blur the boundaries between the man-made, the geological and the biological.

In the last few years Sam Hodge has been particularly drawn to broken glass, tracing crack patterns in windows and mobile screens and reproducing the fractures using traditional printing techniques. She is responding to the destructive work of a moment with painstaking craft, drawing attention to the diversity of structure and form in the patterns made and connecting them with the history of representation of natural forms. The transformation of glass into print also encourages the viewer into pareidolia - the tendency to invest abstract, randomly produced shapes with meaning.




Sam Hodge is an artist with a background in natural sciences and painting conservation, which she studied at Cambridge University and The Courtauld Institute of Art. While working as a painting conservator she also studied fine art at the City Literary Institute and etching at Morley College and the Princes Drawing School. In 2008 she began to focus on making her own paintings and prints and moved into her first studio.

Solo shows:

A Catalogue of Misfortune; book launch and exhibition, Gallery Space, Roz Barr Architects, London, 2015
Repetition and Difference, Chisenhale Art Place (culmination of Studio 4 residency), 2013
By Accident and Design, Ada Street Gallery, London, 2009

Opens and selected group shows:

Things That Are There, Pie Factory, Margate
East London Printmakers Summer Show, Embassy Tea Gallery, London
Griffin Open, Griffin Gallery, London
Creekside Open, selected by Richard Deacon, APT Gallery, Deptford
RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
Fingers Crossed, The Engine Room, Manchester
MANPOWER, curated by Cosmic Megabrain, Rua Poco dos Negros, Lisbon
BAG, Atrium Space, London
Winter Exhibition, Arcane Gallery, London
Pushing Print (Open), Margate
A Series of Unfortunate Events; Hack the Barbican, Barbican, London
Open Studio, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London (also 2012, 2011)
Freeze, curated by Sweet ‘Art, Espacio Gallery, London
The Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, ASC Studios, London
Please Write, curated by Julia Royse at Posted Gallery, London
Drawn Together, exhibition of work by staff and students of Prince’s Drawing School

Sam Hodge has paintings and prints in many private collections in London and the UK and also in New York, Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and Paris.

Sam Hodge
Barbican Arts Group Trust Studios, 32A Hertford Road, London, N1 5SH



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